What we Learn When Designing with Marginalised Children

IDC 2020 Workshop 12: What we Learn When Designing with Marginalised Children (Half day, 21 June 2020 *new date: 19 June 2020* – online event)

So much child computer interaction (CCI) research has focused on the process of how to involve children and technology artifact production, especially when there’s a ‘problem’ to be ‘fixed’. These insights have been hugely important, but to allow for design work with marginalised children to mature and grow in pace with the concerns of the broader CCI community we propose that there’s a need to be clear about what is learned from past experiences.

Can we learn from these encounters?

What can we learn?

What forms of transferable knowledge does this take?

Really pleased that our workshop has been accepted for the ACM Interaction Design and Children conference this June 2020. Join us in Workshop 12 where we’ll be discussing these concerns and building a support network with workshop attendees to develop in this space.

For more info and details of how to take part, visit our workshop page.


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