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Throughout 2021, a central part of my ESRC postdoctoral fellowship will be to disseminate the findings of my doctoral research that investigated communication involving children with severe speech and physical impairments and their social groups.

The aim is to share this work beyond academia so that the findings can be translated as meaningful insights for practice*.

I will focus on producing resources for three main communities:

  • Families
  • School and therapy teams
  • Industry

I’m really looking forward to creating and sharing these resources as well as holding events that will communicate some of the fascinating insights from empirical research. I hope that the findings will be useful in helping to consider the interventions and technologies we choose for supporting communication.

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*Until now, and throughout the course of my PhD, the focus has been on sharing this research within academia through conferences and journal publications. A list of research outputs that were generated between 2015-2020 can be found in the work menu item.

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